Preschool Construction Paper Pen

Pen made for 2018 Georgia Preschool Fundraiser “Silent Auction”

Your handmade pen…
Your handmade pen was made on February 28, 2018 by Dave Mercier. The pen was turned on a wood turning lathe to a smooth durable six-layer finish. The pen uses Cross refills so that it can be used for many years and with any color of refill available.

The construction paper pen is my first pen using colored construction paper embedded in polyester resin. The construction paper is made by layering each sheet in resin resulting in a durable micarta. The pen is simple but let me revisit my days in preschool when I learned to cut with scissors and then glue the paper on paper. I am glad I got to use my preschool skills in making this pen.

Thank you and enjoy!

Preschool Colored Construction Paper Pen - First Turning
Colored Construction Paper Pen – First Turning Feb 2018

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